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Helping independent and self-published authors overcome obstacles and bring their book to market.


Shape Your Idea

2D Fruit has a proven process to move a loose idea toward an actual product. You will identify your target market. By selecting the right options, you will ensure your targeted customers see your book as one they want to read.


Build Your Book

We offer à la carte options to fill in what is missing. Book cover design, ebook format, print layout, and sales copy. We can take your manuscript and take it all the way to the printed version. Or we can guide you through the process.


Sell To Your Audience

Once your book is made, you want it to get into the hands of your readers. A good marketing plan will get your book in front of your audience. Grow your audience. Sell online. Get affiliates. Create a platform.

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  • 09/03
    Deciding Which Book to Write

    Many people feel like they want to write a book. The idea of being a published author is appealing. If you want to actually make and sell a book, the first step to getting your book written is...