2D Fruit Publishing helps independent authors self-publish their books. Here are a few examples.

Escape From Rome

Escape From Rome by Marleen Kunze

No good deed goes unpunished...

Go back to a time in history when the Roman Empire controlled most of the world. One hundred thousand men spent their days at the Coliseum and other arenas watching vicious animal performances.

In Marleen Kunze’s Escape From Rome, the adventure begins when the Coliseum manager’s teenage sons witness a bloody performance and rescue a man about to be trampled and gored by rhinos. The fateful rescue angers the emperor and endangers the lives of Nolan’s entire family.

Fleeing from the ruthless Emperor Domition, a handful of teenagers join the hunting team Nolan sends to Africa. As they trek around the Great Sea, they search for wild animals, and find survival and the truth about God.

Will the family escape from Rome and find the Christian faith they realize they are seeking? Or will they be captured by the the emperor’s men and sent into the arena?

The First Ten Days

The First Ten Days by Marleen Kunze

In a moment, life changes forever...

Imagine a time when millions of people from every country in the world disappear off the face of the earth. Such an event can actually happen “in the twinkling of an eye,” according to I Corinthians 15:52 and I Thessalonians 4:17. Marleen Kunze considers the impact that disappearances can have on an ordinary middle-class American family in The First Ten Days. Matt Moses and his family investigate his missing sister’s family, and in the process, they live in their house, drive their cars, eat their food, and spend their money.

As the Moses family live the life of their missing family, will they enjoy the easy life, will they wish they too had disappeared, or will they take up the mission of their relatives? What evil forces will the family face in a world that changes dramatically in just The First Ten Days?