These tools and guides will help you to build your book yourself.


Scrivener is a writing application that makes organizing your draft of your content, doing the writing, and even producing the final output formats for print and ebooks very easy. If you buy Scrivener using one of my affiliate links below, you will not pay more, but you will help support the work of 2D Fruit Publishing.

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Publisher Rocket

This amazing software currently costs a one-time charge of about $100 for lifetime access. It is fairly new. If you currently have books on sale or are planning to produce your book in the near future, this tool can pay for itself immediately!

My personal testimonial: I had my two Park Hacks books, Kings Island and Amusement Park Hacks, available for sale on Kindle or Paperback. I bought, what was then called KDP Rocket and used it around October or November to add more Keywords to my Amazon Marketing System ads. My sales rocketed to more than 10x what I was anticipating. It seriously surprised me that there was still potential in my slow-moving books. I had nearly given up on this series of books.

Most authors want to see that their book gets read. The validation you get from book sales is very motivating. This article will walk you through using Rocket to do some preliminary research that will help you shape your book to appeal to real readers!